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Org-mode is a truly wonderful Emacs extension that makes working with structured plain text data a breeze. It can be used for note taking, time management and project planning, document writing, and many other things. Have a look at the tutorials to get an idea.

Agenda View: Only Today

I use org-mode as a day planner and wanted to see the times of sunrise and sunset of the day. So I added a diary sexp to an org file contributing to my daily agenda.


This dutifully adds a line for the times of sunrise and sunset to the agenda. However, it does so for every day shown. In the week view this means seven entries, which add lots of clutter and little value. So I wrote function that evaluates its argument only for today:

(defun cus/org-agenda-only-today (fn)
  "Show the result of calling FN in the agenda for today."
  (if (equal date (calendar-current-date))
      (funcall fn)))

Instead of the org file entry shown above, I pass the function diary-sunrise-sunset to my filtering function.

%%(cus/org-agenda-only-today (function diary-sunrise-sunset))

As a result, the times of sunrise and sunset are shown only for today.

Cyrus IMAPd

Sometimes Cyrus IMAPd corrupts a user.seen database, in which the message state (new, read, etc.) is stored. At I found a Python script with which one can dump the contents of a user.seen file to plain text. The resulting file can be inspected and fixed with the help of a text editor and finally be converted back to the Cyrus format.

Another useful site for administrators of Cyrus IMAPd is, surprise, surprise, the Cyrus project homepage. Particularly the FAQ section in the released documentation can help in a pinch.

Debian Packages


I provide packages of TinyCA for Debian. I am grateful to Alexander Wirt who kindly sponsors the package.

This is a debianized version of Stephan Martin's TinyCA Certificate Authority management tool for Debian (→ TinyCA homepage). However, Stephan Martin holds no responsibility for the packaging. Please direct all questions concerning the Debian package to the maintainer, Christoph Ulrich Scholler <> or file an issue in the Debian bugtracking system.

Recent changes to TinyCA can be found in the upstream changelog. The most recent changes to the Debian package are documented in the packaging changelog.

TinyCA packages are available in current Debian and Ubuntu releases.


My GnuPG key ID is 0x81E773D5 (fingerprint: DE08 3724 4DAF AE6C 5DF3 3AD5 7EAE 2641 81E7 73D5). The keys 0x5A35FD42 and 0x1EEF26F4 are old. Use the current key if you can, use the old keys if you must.

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